COOK MAN Chef Pants Wool mix Stripe (Gray)

COOK MAN Chef Pants Wool mix Stripe (Gray)

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The food group of the American West Coast has gathered.

"The chef pants worn in the kitchen usually is functional and easy to move and comfortable!"
"Do you have any cool wear when you create a cooking?"

It is Cookman WEAR that was created to meet such requests.

Then Cookman Wear is not only when they are creating in the kitchen from the high design and functionality, but also in the OFF Duty scene, and the position as one Mile Wear is established.

From many people who are not a special item for cooking from affordable prices and design, it is supported by many people as a NO GENDER and AGE GAP item that does not choose age and gender.


Size: M

WAIST: 34cm

Thigh(Watari) : 3 cm

RISE (In the crotch): 31 cm

Inseam (inseam): 74 cm



WAIST: 40cm

Thigh(Watari) : 33 cm

RISE (In the crotch): 34 cm

Inseam (inseam): 78 cm