Legal notice

Distributors:Base L.h.p
Representative:Ryo Yamaguchi
location:193-0932, Hachioji City, Tokyo 429-1, Corp Ishii 102, Japan
telephone number:0426984112
Necessary rates other than the product price: Delivery fee, cash on delivery fee, and transfer fee may also apply separately from the selling price.
payment method:· Credit card (VISA / JCB / MasterCard / AMEX) · Apple pay / Google Pay

Product delivery time: If not specified, we will ship within two business days after receiving your order.
In addition, as it is sold at a real store, please note that it will be out of stock according to the soy sauce.
In that case, we will contact you by email or phone within 2 business days.
Product delivery method: Delivery by shipping company after arrangement· Over-the-counter receipt
About defective goods:The quality of the product has been fully fully, but it has fully fully, but if there is a defect in the product (dirt, sewing failure, etc.), it will only be contacted within 5 days after arrival product arrival Please return it by shipping fee. We will send you a new product as soon as possible. (If it is out of stock, we will reposit money)

Please note that the image of the product may differ slightly from the actual color of the product, with the characteristics of browsing on your computer smartphone.

In the case of the fine scratches and wrinkles that can be done at the manufacturing stage, it will be "customer's convenience".

Please note that we can not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.

· Returns and replacement by customer's convenience(Size change)

· Wearing products

· Products that separately disconnect goods and product tag labels or lost

· Products that opened the package (package is part of the productCdetc)

· Customer corrupted products, dirt

· After arrival of returned goods without contact3Products over days

· Box and bag scratches generated during transportation, (such as

Return date:It will be within 3 days after product arrival.

Return Shipping:Please note that no returns or exchanges other than defective products.
If it falls under defective product, we will bear it.